By Judy Simon MS, RDN, CD, CHES

SRM is proud to offer Food for Fertility, a group workshop focused on the needs of women struggling with infertility and excess body weight. The workshop is led by Judy Simon, MS, RD, an expert in reproductive nutrition; here are 5 things you’ll learn if you attend the Food for Fertility class.

1. Learn the latest research on what foods can prepare your body for healthy conception and pregnancy.

We’ll answer questions like, what foods should you be including in your fertility diet?

2. Prepare and enjoy tasty dishes every week with your classmates.

Design your own Mason Jar lunches, massage kale salads  and stir up a quick pot of lentil chili.  You will also bring home dozens of new healthful recipes.

3. Master mindful eating techniques that will guide you to healthier eating.

Practice mindfulness skills that allow you to increase your awareness of hunger and satisfaction without needing to diet or restrict food.

4. Experience fun ways to add more fitness into your day.

Learn how to stretch and be fit in less time and have more time for fun. Increase your accountability for faster results.

5. Collect delicious recipes along with tips for meal planning and shopping.

Tasting and preparing new recipes in class will inspire you to plan more healthful meals.


Learn more about the Food for Fertility program at SRM.


Photo by Artur Rutkowski