At SRM, we have many patients who live in Alaska, Montana, Idaho, Eastern Washington, and Canada.  We also care for patients from across the globe.  It is our goal to make treatment as convenient as possible no matter where you live.

Local Resources

We work with a network of providers comprised of obstetricians, gynecologists, and Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, and Washington who are skilled and trained in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility.  Should you need ART, such as In Vitro Fertilization, network doctors and nurses work closely with the Reproductive Endocrinologists at SRM to develop a treatment plan and coordinate care.  If your local provider is unable to perform certain procedures, our patient care team can coordinate necessary appointments with local laboratories and imaging services, if available.  This keeps travel limited to when you have your retrieval and/or transfers at an SRM clinic location in either Seattle or Spokane Valley.


  • More convenient, accessible care by expanding consultations for specialized treatment.
  • Minimize long distance travel and related stresses for those that live out of town.
  • Most telemedicine visits can be billable to insurance.

Optimizing your Telemedicine Consultation BLOG POST – We have created an informative blog post with quick tips and a FAQ for optimizing your telemedicine consultation.

Why SRM?

We believe that a special blend of medical expertise, pioneering technology, and compassion goes into fertility care. Rooted in academic methodology, our approach centers on looking at each individual case through the lens of the most up-to-date, leading medical research knowledge. Personal connections are inherent in everything we do at SRM. From the first moment of your first visit, we strive to ensure that every interaction you have with our dedicated team is one of hope, trust, and positivity.  We are honored to join you on your path to parenthood.

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SRM clinics are conveniently located in Seattle's South Lake Union and in Spokane Valley-- both are close to great dining, attractions, parks, hotels and transit.