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Seattle Reproductive Symposium

Friday and Saturday, May 14-15, 2021
Live Virtual Event
Registration is open! 
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Male Fertility CME Webinar

Tuesday, March 23, 2021
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Virtual event, speakers and panelists include reproductive urologists and endocrinologist

When to Refer

Most infertility concerns are resolved with conservative interventions such as clomid, insemination, or surgery. Referral to a fertility specialist is recommended when:

• Female is age 38 or older.
• Inability to conceive within 6-12 months of discontinuing contraception.
• Blocked fallopian tubes.
• Other tubal problems such as more than one tubal ectopic pregnancy.
• Moderate or severe endometriosis.
• Significant male factor – sperm concentration less than 10 million per ml, or motility less than 40%.
• Ovulation problems such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, (PCOS) treated with 3 to 6 months of clomid without conception.
• Abnormal ovarian reserve tests, such as elevated day 3 FSH level or AMH less than one.

Referrals can also be sent to SRM for: Egg Freezing, PCOS, Fertility Assessment (Semen Analysis and AMH), Hystersalpingogram (HSG), Donor Sperm, Donor Egg, Gestational Surrogacy, and Fertility Preservation for Medical Reasons

Refer to SRM –

There are two ways you can refer your patient to SRM. Go to and fill out the online form. Or use the SRM Referral Sheet (.pdf), please fill out the appropriate sections and fax the referral form to 206-301-5679. The original referral form is given to your patient. Additional referral forms can be requested by calling 206-301-5000 or toll free at 877-777-6002 or email

For fertility concerns as described above, your patient can call SRM for their initial intake at 206-301-5000 or toll free at 877-777-6002. Appropriate medical records can be requested and faxed to: 206-301-5679.

We request a referral be sent to SRM prior to the patient scheduling an appointment. Results of the HSG are faxed to the referring provider typically within 7-10 business days. HSG’s are available at our Seattle, Kirkland, Tacoma and Spokane locations.

We request a referral be sent to SRM prior to the patient scheduling an appointment. Please note, in this case the patient is the person completing the semen collection. SA’s are available at ALL locations. A short phone consultation will take place with your patient 2-5 days after their appointment with one of our Advanced Practice Providers to go over the results and next steps. This information will then be sent to you. For abnormal tests we recommend a second test.

For SRM Marketing Materials

To request additional SRM referral pads, business cards, brochures, etc., please call 206-301-5000 or toll free at 877-777-6002 or email

Additionally, you can contact your Physician Liaison directly based on your location:

Western Washington, Downtown and South Seattle, Issaquah, South Puget Sound, Olympic Peninsula, Alaska and Oncology
Sarah Thompson – or 206*301*5031

Lindsay Craig

Western Washington, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, North Puget Sound, Everett, Bellingham
Lindsay Craig – or 206*301*3878

Tracy Love

Eastern Washington, Idaho and Montana
Tracy Love – or 509*795*4224

Marcie Guthrie - CME Program Coordinator

CME Program Coordinator –
Marcie Guthrie – or 206*301*5681