Egg freezing is a process in which you stimulate, collect, and freeze your eggs to preserve the potential of having your own genetic child in the future. Since fertility declines with age, the sooner you choose to freeze your eggs, the greater the chance of having your own children when you are ready.

Is egg freezing right for me?

There are plenty of reasons why it might be. Maybe you’ve experienced a life change that hasn’t allowed you to have children yet. Or perhaps you’re building your career, completing your education, or maybe you just aren’t sure if you want kids but want to keep your options open. Whatever your reason, we’ll be here to help if you decide to start towards that ‘someday’.


Hear from women who have gone through the egg freezing process and their experiences, including professional basketball players Sue Bird and Breanna Stewart from the Seattle Storm.

Sue and Breanna discuss freezing their eggs and ending the stigma in this NBC Sports article released November 2020.

We host virtual Egg Freezing Open Houses about every two months, this is a great way to get to know SRM and our Egg Freezing program better. Learn more from our egg freezing webinar.

How it’s Done

Freezing your eggs is a simple two-week process with minimal discomfort.

Egg-freezing step by step: Meet with a provider, talk to a financial counselor, begin birth control pills if preferred, stimulating the ovaries with medication, quick checkups, egg retrieval, freezing eggs, reviewing the process

Next Steps

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